The Challenge:

This solid wood bay window had been neglected by the property owner for some years, and it had begun to rot and come apart at the base.

On inspection of the window, I quickly identified that it had originally been installed in a less than perfect way, with cavities and internal cold-spots that were essentially a problem waiting to happen.

I was asked by this client to try to save the window and repair it as much as possible, rather than have to replace the entire window.

The Solution:

Once the surfaces of the kitchen had been cleared, it took 1 day to fully sand the wooden worktops back to new wood. Once this was done, the wood was treated with magic formula, and then it was sealed with a Matte coating to protect it for the future.

As well as the work on these wooden kitchen worktops I also replastered a portion of a wall and painted this to match the rest of the kitchen.

Customer Testimonial:

“John was a superstar with this project. I was dreading having to pay out thousands for a new window, but he carefully inspected what we had and found a way to safely resolve the problem and extend the life of what we had.

He completed the work in a very efficient, tidy and polite way, and as such we have asked John to help us with lots of other handyman jobs around the house.

If you need a friendly and skilled handyman I would highly recommend that you get in touch with John from the One Stop Property Shop.”

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